I Am Kendrell
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“I AM KENDRELL: Celebrity Stylist Kendrell Bowman”

by Rea Melissa Davis
February 24, 2011

Kendrell Bowman
Celebrity stylist Kendrell Bowman has extraordinary talent when it comes to the art of fashion styling. He has worked his way from retail to becoming one of the hottest celebrity stylists in the industry. He is a fashion god and number one stylist to the stars.Saying Kendrell is fashionable would be an understatement. Bowman carries himself with pride, confidence, and style. He started out managing the Louis Vutton Ready to Wear collection and the Balenciaga Flagship. Kendrell has worked with Ludacris, Kanye, Kelly Rowland, and many more. He currently styles David Banner and K. Michelle.

Bowman says that his favorite designer was Alexander McQueen. He said, “You always could tell they were his pieces because they automatically stood out.” Bowman told me that for him music videos are his most rewarding jobs because the music videos and the fashion aspects of them create a story. “I listen to the lyrics and apply it to the fashion statement I plan to make,” said Bowman. When asked what would be his recipe to fashion he said shoes, accessories, and confidence! I fell in love with Kendrell’s style when I first saw K. Michelle’s video for ‘Fallin’. K. Michelle was so fly in the video with the fashion forward shades, bedazzled gold encrusted corset and Louboutins that I had to find out who her stylist was….and I found out it was Kendrell. Kendrell is such a humble person as well as a fun person to be around. He says if you wake up everyday with only one thing on your mind then you should pursue it. For him that one thing was fashion. I expect big things to come from my good friend Celebrity Stylist Kendrell and his brand I AM KENDRELL.