Time to Catch Up with Stylist Kendrell


What’s up y’all ? Let me start off by first apologizing for going M.I.A. for almost a year. So much has happened. I don’t even know where to begin honestly. So please be patient with me if I start to ramble, but I have so many thoughts in my head that It’s crazy. I’m still with my partner Anthony. We’ve been together for 3 years now. The last time that we spoke I was going to Italy. That trip was amazing. Of course I shopped a lot. We stayed there for a week. I need another vacation! Anthony and I decided to make history and produce our Sylvester Show to Broadway! The show is going to open here in NYC on September 5- October 5, 2014 at The St.Clement’s Theater in Times Square. How exciting right? Working with your partner can be difficult,  but to be honest I couldn’t see myself on this journey with anyone else. It’s been challenging producing this show. Yes, we created the show, but it’s a lot of work and politics that comes along with it. We raised money on Kickstarter for the show. We contact every friend, family member, colleague or person with money to ask for donations. By the grace of God we exceeded our goal of 18,000 to 22,500. Which was dope. It felt good for us to go to the theater and pay for the rental in full 9 months in advance! Well, that was for the theater, but the theater doesn’t come with lights, sound, sets, or even  a curtain. All of these things cost money! So we had to reach out to investors to help us make our dream come full circle. This was a stressful period and still is for Anthony and I. So much pressure to make sure things are right that Anthony and I started to argue about any little thing. We love each other, but our relationship has so many layers that most don’t. So this gives us more options to pop off. The good thing is we always find our way to get back on track.


During this time of raising money for the show, my priorities changed.  My styling was slow since a few of my clients weren’t busy and producing a broadway show takes up all of your time. I decided to dedicate all of my time to the show. I didn’t mind  cause I wanted to do all that I could to show the world that my partner was a STAR! I wanted to help him get a Tony Award. There’s nothing like achieving something on your own! I wanted the world to know about our show NOT just NYC or Broadway. So , I went on Social Media and started the branding process for the show. I contacted any and every celebrity so that they could spread the word. I knew that we needed a name to help us. Even though the show is fabulous, and we are business savvy, but no one cares if you don’t have a Stamp of Approval. I had a list of celebrities that I thought would fit with our show and what Sylvester would have wanted. My list consisted of Rupaul, Whoopi Goldberg, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Elton John. The funny thing is 2 of them came true! Sheryl Lee Ralph and Whoopi Goldberg! They replied back to my tweets on TWITTER!! See look at GOD!! We spoke to Sheryl Lee Ralph on the phone and arranged to meet her 2 days later in Philadelphia. Anthony and I was scrapped for money so we took the bus there. Sheryl picked us up from the bus station and took us to a cute diner by her Son’s college campus. We talked and pitched to her our project and just like that Sheryl Lee Ralph was Co-Producing “Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical” with us!!  I was so excited! I called my Granny to tell her the news. She said “That’s Good!”



Life is so crazy. My best friend Summit. He’s the tall  muscular one. He’s the biggest of all of us, but the most sensitive one too. His mom was battling cancer for many years. She passed away Days’s before Christmas. I went to my best friend Summit’s Mom Funeral on January 5, 2014. It was a cold day in NYC.  We had a bad snow storm. I remember going to Brooklyn after church that Sunday. The ground was icy with snow. I had to be careful in my dress shoes or I would have bust my ass. I got to Brooklyn a little wary before the funeral, so I went inside Dunkin’ Donuts and called my Granny while I waited until 4pm. I told her I was in Brooklyn for the funeral and then asked her has anyone had Cancer in our family? She said No. I complained to her about the weather in NYC and told her I felt like I was going to be in church all day since  I just left my Sunday Service in Harlem. I told her that I’ll call her later. I proceeded to walk to the funeral home. I felt so bad for my friend. I had never lost a relative that close to me. So I couldn’t have imagined how he felt. I stayed there with him until it was over. Some of  Summit friends from college was there. One girl told me she never experience death either and her family taught her that we all will leave this world one day. I shared with her that I was raised like that too. I told her that My mom and grandparents already started to plan their wills and funerals.




The next day, January 6, 2014. I was home in the bed on a conference call for the show. Anthony was sitting at the foot of the bed on the call too. While we were discussing business on the phone my Moma was calling my cellphone and I couldn’t speak to her then. So, I told her to hold on and I guess she got tired of me saying i’m coming just hold on. Then, she said my name in a stern tone “KENDRELL” and I was like “What?” Then, she said “Moma’s gone” and I said ” Wait, What did you say?” Then she said it again “Moma’s Gone.”  I screamed so loud I think my entire building heard my cry. I hung up on her and ran to he bathroom and locked myself in there and cried. I didn’t understand. I just spoke to her 12 hours ago!!  I’m going to have to change the subject now cause it hurts me so bad. She was my best friend and biggest supporter. I feel alone sometimes in this world. Success means nothing when you don’t have that one to say I’m proud of you and I knew you could do it. I think this is the reason I work so hard and I try to do big projects so that I can be distracted with some of the hurt that I have. I be telling y’all everything.


537770_10151750882986824_1305691526_n Granny & I Last Time Together on October 27, 2013

Months have gone by and We’ve been so busy with work. Working with Sheryl Lee Ralph is amazing. She’s so funny and down to earth. I’ve become so involved in this project lately I’ve started to feel some type of way that I haven’t been styling. Thats my passion. It’s funny that Anthony and I are making history being 2 black gay men producing a show that we created for broadway. The funny thing is that it’s not the thing that gives me my high. it does but Styling is a different high. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do and now I feel it’s time for me to get back at it. That’s going to be difficult right now. Both careers takes up a lot of time. Lauriana Mae just called me for a shoot on Wednesday and I have another photo shoot on Tuesday for OUT MAGAZINE. I’ll get it all done. I skipped some stories, but I’ll tell y’all later. Telling y’all about my Granny kinda fucked up my head to keep talking. Please make sure to send me your comments below. It gives me inspiration. I love You!  Oh If you’re in the NYC area I’ll be on channel ABC Today at Noon on Here and Now with Anthony and Sheryl Lee Ralph.


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  1. Natasha Weston July 20, 2014 at 9:37 am #


    This post has brought me to tears. You are such a strong, determined and honest person and that’s why I love you! You are definitely one of the most hard working people that I’ve met in my 3 years in business and it inspires me to keep progressing. I’m just like you, when I do things I aim for BIG things because hell why not!? Go hard or go home right? I love you and applaud you for the amazing things that you’ve done, are doing and will do in the future! I’m going to try my best to be there on September 5th! Your Granny is proud of you;) Signed….one of your biggest fans, Natasha

  2. Ja' Malik July 20, 2014 at 10:28 am #

    Thank you for this beautiful open letter. Dreams are beautiful images, the reality of those dreams are hard work. I’ve been following the progress of this show since it first started at Le Poison Rouge and was blown away with everything. I wish I had a million dollars it would have been yours and Anthony’s in a heartbeat. But I don’t so I’ve been re tweeting and face book sharing everything, in church telling everyone that listens, at brunches and social events gabbing you guys and the show up. It’s not much but I hope it’s helping. Your grandmother I know is BEYOND PROUD of you. Smiling down on you and blessing you with the eternal glory of her light and love. Rest easy and dry your eyes knowing this comfort to be true! I’m super proud and excited for you guys and for more of the world see this AMAZING SHOW. Glad to know you and call you friend!

  3. sabrina haynes July 20, 2014 at 10:46 am #

    Keep your head up. My sister is coming to see your show. I plan to be there also. So proud of you

  4. Drew July 27, 2014 at 1:20 pm #

    I was just doing some browsing on Facebook and came across your link.
    Your story amazed me.keep pushing for each and everyone of your dreams to come true.Congratulations on everything and keep up the good work.i look foward to more of your story’s.

  5. LaVell July 27, 2014 at 4:18 pm #

    Hi Kendrell,

    Wow. What an incredible open letter. You had me tearing up. Family means everything and sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. You have motivated me even more to not give up regardless of the situation. I thank you for that. Also I would love to assist you with styling for the show if given the opportunity. I’m in DC and willing to travel.

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