I was in the mood to talk.. I’m here in my apartment sitting here in silence. No noise, No Music or TV.. just me in my thoughts. Is there times in your life where you feel like you’re just working hard? I mean just working to achieve a goal or even paying a bill ? Then, when you accomplished it the feeling is so good and you get addicted to that feeling and you want to do something else to feel it again? In the process you start accomplishing each task then it becomes almost normal? I’m not saying this to sound concieted or cocky, but I’m saying this cause we get caught up sometimes with conquering the task that we forget about time for ourselves. Right? or to even reflect and be like damn, I did some pretty amazing shit and met some great people along the way! After working with clients/celebrities to me its like you’re human just like me, but at the same time I’m like WOW I’m doing a job that I love and always dreamed of doing. Plus, there’s many aspiring stylists that wish they could be in my shoes.

Last night I’ll be honest, I was out having drinks..(anyone that knows me knows that I love a good drink!) When I got home I was watching on the DVR with Anthony Cee-Lo Green & Lauriana Mae performance on Ellen TV Show. I felt so blessed and happy. Most of the times when I watch my styling work on TV I’ll watch it over and over again and critique my work. I do this cause I’m a perfectionist and I want to always be better. Anyways, last night was different. I watched Lauriana Mae perform in the vintage Catherine Malandrino dress with poise and I saw the joy in her eyes as she sung. I was like wow.. This girl is very talented and I’m blessed to be working with her. I started to think back a year and a half ago when I met her at the record label for our first meeting. I asked her all of her likes/dislikes and vibed with her. While I was watching her walk around that stage it was funny to me cause she was holding up the dress at times to make sure she got a shoe shot on camera and to the public eye no one would have known all the obstacles we went through 48 hours prior to make this look happen. I was having a hard time getting a shoe for her cause the budget wasn’t that big and I have expensive taste. Everything I showed her she was like NO! I started to get frustrated with her and was like look well I don’t know what to tell you. Do you know this girl went out to stores while I was in NYC and she was in Jersey and started looking for shoes herself and sent me photos of what she liked for my opinion. She found a YSL shoe and we got it. I respect this girl so much. She believes in her brand, look and a team player. That’s very rare in this entertainment field.

I remember when I was working for Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. I had big clients like Kanye West, Chris Brown, David Banner, Foxy Brown just to name a few. I also had top celebrity stylists as my clients.  I felt like I was the best employee and they couldn’t tell me nothing. Then, it kinda got on my nerves after some time cause I would bring these companies millions of dollars of business from my clients but if I was late, or didn’t shave my facial hair that day, or forgot to take off my earrings or some other bullsshit they wanted to have a “sit down talk”.  The politics of corporate america and watching me  pick out all of these clients outfits for these stylists and they would wear them on TV. I never got the credit and that pushed me to start my own business. Well, That’s what I did..

You see these photos I have on each side of this page.. These are people I truly care about. People who know the real me. Sometimes they get on my nerves. One of my close friends Jabari he’s not up there but he should be. I’ll fix that! LOL  He’s one of the friends thats been around for over 10 years. Before this whole “CELEBRITY STYLIST”  thing. I write in my journal publicly to yall so that maybe I can inspire someone to be better. Shit, I’m not perfect.. far from. Yes, I try to live right. I go to church every sunday and try to treat people right most of the time. On the flipside I would be lying if I said I don’t  curse,  pop my mouth off at times when I shouldn’t, people claim that my attitude can be bad at times and trust me theres always going to be more shit that someone is going to say. I will tell you this.. I have a big heart. I will give my last to someone and I’m always trying to see others achieve their dreams too. My granny would say you can be whatever you want to be in life just work for it. That’s what I’ve been doing my whole life. So when people say sometimes WOW Kendrell you’re doing BIG THINGS.. In my head i’m like no i’m not I’m just getting started. So on that note try to set a BIG GOAL for yourself. Don’t compare your progress to the next person. GOD has your path for YOU and ONLY YOU.. It’s like a social security number! LOL  Then work at it and keep pushing..  Don’t think cause yall see pictures of me in designer clothes and all that.. and think thats what consume me. At the end of the day..<— don’t yall hate when people say that! LOL I’m just a chill dude that like to stay home cook and watch My shows Snapped, Bravo Reality TV or  someones Biography.

Thank you for taking the time out to listen to me ramble.. I hope you learned more about me and yourself at the same time.

Love You,


4 Responses to Reflecting..

  1. Jabari April 19, 2013 at 11:04 am #

    I appreciate what you wrote and you know im your true supporter. I dont need the praise because you know I know the true you. I sit back and watch the great things you do and just smile.

  2. BENOITCHANCELLOR April 19, 2013 at 12:05 pm #


  3. Damian April 19, 2013 at 12:11 pm #

    I applaud for admitting ya faults but more importantly giving praise to Whom it’s due…I applaud u for ya honesty n just being a genuine person…much continued success…
    Thank u ;)

  4. SABRINA April 19, 2013 at 6:57 pm #


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