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Wassup.. How’s everything going? I hope all is well. I just got back to NYC. I went to Washington, D.C. on Saturday to do our Fabulous Sylvester show at the Howard Theater. The preparation for this show took a lot of work. Even though we’ve done the show here in NYC a couple of times, but the venue in D.C. was 5 times larger. So, we added some new parts to the show for D.C. The show was sold out! We couldn’t believe it. So many important people was there! CEO of BET Debra Lee, CEO of TVONE and Radio ONE Cathy Hughes and of course the magnificent Reggie Van Lee. He’s been so kind to us from the beginning.  We felt so blessed and grateful that so many people supported us and believed in our project. I told yall that this show came about after Anthony having a vision of doing this and he approached some producers to help him and they said No. So he told me and I was like look WE can do this on our own! After selling out 2 shows in NYC, now in D.C. it’s kind of overwhelming. Anthony and I balance each other out cause I’m more direct and business savy and he’s the same but not as aggressive. Most people only get to see the final product, but this is a lot of hard work. With both of our careers,  in the past 2 months collectively we’ve had a lot going on outside of Sylvester in our own careers. So much that it really caused a strain on our relationship to find balance. I work so much and I have my events.. He works so much he has his events.. and sometimes the schedules conflict. What I’m thankful for is that we love what we do and working together and accomplishing things together make us find the Love back. If you know me .. I’m very impatient and I like to get and see results on everything QUICK! Anywho.. This month has been amazing. So Thankful to GOD! I’m happy that I was able to do achieve my goals with the one I love and MAKE MONEY doing it, but as we are growing as businessmen it allowed us to hire our creative professional friends apart of our team.  Even though I’m a stylist, creative director etc I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to contracts and etc! I’m living my dream and it makes me feel good to help someone else grow too.  Meghan does the makeup in the Sylvester Show. My assistant Marcelle came and my best friend Summit came and helped with selling the merchandise. We brought down the whole cast and band to D.C. which was 15 people for 3 days. They enjoyed the experience.

Now, I just got back like an hour ago and I have to prep for one of my clients. She has an event of Feb 2. Then, I just received some amazing news. Remember when I went to LA at the beginning of this month?!? Well I shot a music video for CeeLo Green and Lauriana Mae for the song “Only You”! CeeLo just tweeted the artwork for the single. This is going to be the first single of his new album which features my client Lauriana Mae. This is going to be her introduction to the world. I’m so excited for the world to get to know Lauriana Mae. I’ve been working with her for over a year now. She was on P.Diddy’s show Starmaker that he had a few years ago. Her voice reminds me of a Amy Winehouse, Adele, Chrisette Michele mixture. Please support her cause she’s really talented!! I’ll let you know when the video comes out.. supposed to be around Valentine’s Day! Oh, Last thing.. My Birthday is coming up.. FEBRUARY 6!! wink wink  Check out some pics from the D.C. Show and The artwork for Ceelo and Lauriana single!

Remember to Never Give Up on your dreams.. when people tell you NO.. Just smile and Say to yourself.. what you don’t see in me someone else will and it’s your lost YOU PORCH MONKEY!

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  1. Tottie January 28, 2013 at 8:45 pm #

    Porch monkey!!! Yassss!!! But seriously, I am sooooo very happy for you and Anthony! They told you no but you did it on your own & it will mean sooooo much more now! Love ya!

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