New Cee Lo Green & Lauriana Mae.. and Kendrell!


Good Morning Fashionistas!!

How’s everything? Happy Thursday to you! Today I have some running around to do. I started my day by calling my friend on the phone and gossiping about everything on the blogs! LOL I just wanted to reach out to you today and say hello. Last night Anthony and I went to the gym after we finished work. So to continue my workout plan I will be going again today, then Anthony and I will go get manicures and pedicures. I have a meeting at 4pm with a a new artist on Sony Music. They reached out to me and interested in ME styling on this project.  I’m bringing my assistant Marcelle with me to the meeting. I want him to see the other side of styling cause it’s just not about being creative and coming up with looks. You must be knowledgeable about contracts, finances and business period! A lot of aspiring stylists forget about this part of the job and honestly this is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the job to me. I’m excited that Cee Lo Green and Lauriana Mae song “ONLY YOU” is getting amazing reviews! The song is available to buy on I-Tunes on February 5th!  The music video will be out everywhere on the week of Valentine’s Day! See below a audio/video that the record label released which includes photos from the video set for the song. Also here’s a picture of us at the gym last night!



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