Glam Couture Magazine Interviews Kendrell Bowman


Wassup Yall.. I promise you this weekend we are going to catch up on EVERYTHING! I just wanted to share with you this interview that I did with Glam Couture Magazine. I was just on the computer and I saw a google alert with my name and It  was this interview that I did a few months ago. Hope Yall having a good day! It’s Friday!! Check out the interview here –>   K.Michelle had 2 sold out shows this week. One in NYC and in D.C. Also Here a pic of me and K.Michelle after the show Tuesday night wearing our Raunchy Shirts. Lauriana Mae is in the studio with Pharell!! DOPE.. The Music Video that I did with Cee-Lo Green and Lauriana Mae for ONLY YOU Should Be out on TV Everywhere in the next 2 weeks!! Alright I Love You.. Kendrell


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