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Alright.. Here’s the update!


Good Morning! I woke up early today. So let me be productive. I know that I haven’t been posting everyday like before and I apologize. So much has been going on. So let me give you the run down. We spoke on my birthday which was amazing, but the day after we found out that Anthony’s mom wasn’t doing well. he’s from Virginia. So we rented a car and drove down south to be with her and his family. We stayed down there for 4 days and came back to NYC for one night. In the midst of all of this I had a client that needed me to finish shopping for her in NYC. Thank God for my assistant Marcelle! He stepped up to the plate and keep proving to me that he’s a leader. I’m thinking about bringing someone else on my team under him that he can train too cause he works hard for me. Alright.. Then we got a call the night we got back that things were getting worst. To make a long story short she passed away. So we went back down there and I was there to support him and be there for him and his family. The trip was hard, but it brought us closer. That was my first time meeting his entire family. It was like family reunion and a bit overwhelming. Some people looking at me like who’s that? All I did was smile and played my position. Anthony never met my family. My family is more outspoken and opinionated than Anthony’s, so i was little nervous. Since I was around his family so much it made me want to see my family. So we drove down to South Carolina to see mine. I was happy cause I got to renew my driver’s license too. When we got there we first stopped by my Granny & Granddaddy house. We sat in the living room and just spoke about life, family and laughed. I’m spoiled by my Granny. She’s so funny. She told me that I needed to cut my hair cause I looked like I needed to go back to Africa! LOL So we stayed there for a minute then left to go to my Moma’s house. On the way there I get a text from K.Michelle saying :


I’m trying not to think about work while I’m away, but at the same time as a Stylist (which many people claim that they are) what you won’t do someone else will. I’ve been working with K.Michelle for about 4 years now and this was a big performance for her so I couldn’t miss this opportunity. Then it hit me “KENDRELL IT’S SATURDAY, ALL SHOWROOMS ARE CLOSED ON THE WEEKEND,  MONDAY IS A HOLIDAY AND HER SHOW IS ON TUESDAY!!”  So, I was like I’ll figure this out later. Right when I said that I got a call from Lauriana Mae’s Manager saying that “We are going to shoot Lauriana’s music video in LA on Thursday and we need 3 looks. I’ll book your plane ticket tonight!” Really?!? All of this while I’m away?!?!  OK.. We got to my Mom’s house and I could tell Anthony was nervous. My Moma never met anyone that I was with except one person. My Moma can be very passive and sarcastic, but she was cool. She cooked Mac & Cheese, Collard Greens, BBQ Chicken, Potatoe Salad and Corn Bread for us. We ate that up!! We sat on the couch and talked and laugh about old school music. We went through her cassette tapes and records. After that we went to my cousins house. Yes, it was a family affair. My first cousins Erica and Amanda, my god daughter Victoria, and high school girlfriend Nikki chilled at Erica’s and watched The Beyonce Documentary. We had so much seafood that night along with shots of Patron. I felt very happy and sad that night. I don’t know if y’all remember back when I told yall that My father and I really don’t get along. The last time we spoke was in December. It felt weird being in South Carolina and not being able to go to the home that I’m used to going to, but on the flipside I felt the love and respect from others in my family. I was Me.. just Kendrell.. No Celebrity Stylist, they don’t care , they cared about the real stuff and that made me feel special. So we Sunday morning at 6:30 am to go back to Virgina, then to NYC cause  K.Michelle’s show was on Tuesday. Poor Anthony drove all the way back, since I needed to be on the phone to call designers, follow up with my assistant Marcelle, send emails and set up appointments all day on Monday for K.Michelle and Lauriana Mae’s music video. We finally got home at midnight. I want to Thank my best friend Summit for watching our dog Rocco while we were away. If anyone knows me personally, then you know Rocco is BAADDD!! I went straight to sleep! It was cold as shit in NYC! I woke up to a text from the record label saying Lauriana’s video is going to be rescheduled. So this gave me time to dedicate to K.Michelle and not be rushed. So I did my appointments on Monday, but one designer stood me up and she’s lucky I’m not going to mention her name. Had us waiting for an hour, but we got the job done! Alright.. I’m off to get a line up now. I’m going to see this show Anthony’s in today and we are going to see a concert tonight. Old School concert.. Charlie Wilson.. LOL Don’t laugh.. I want to get married to his song “YOU ARE” .. OK Love you.. Kendrell        This was the look I did for K.Michelle below!! All in ONE DAY!!



Glam Couture Magazine Interviews Kendrell Bowman


Wassup Yall.. I promise you this weekend we are going to catch up on EVERYTHING! I just wanted to share with you this interview that I did with Glam Couture Magazine. I was just on the computer and I saw a google alert with my name and It  was this interview that I did a few months ago. Hope Yall having a good day! It’s Friday!! Check out the interview here –>   K.Michelle had 2 sold out shows this week. One in NYC and in D.C. Also Here a pic of me and K.Michelle after the show Tuesday night wearing our Raunchy Shirts. Lauriana Mae is in the studio with Pharell!! DOPE.. The Music Video that I did with Cee-Lo Green and Lauriana Mae for ONLY YOU Should Be out on TV Everywhere in the next 2 weeks!! Alright I Love You.. Kendrell



Don’ t Kill Me!


Wassup Yall.. I’m sorry. I’ve been super busy. Between work, traveling and family issues I don’t even know what day it is. When I get a moment to just breathe I’ll update you with everything in detail like I always do. Here’s a photo of the look that I did for K.Michelle last night at B. B. Kings in NYC. It was sold out!! My inspiration was 1990’s Mary J.Blige.  Love You..




It’s My Birthday!!

Wassup Yall…

Today Is My Birthday!! That’s all I wanted to say!! Look at me when I was born.. I was 2 months premature and I weighed 2 pounds!!  The picture below is me with all those tubes in me! . I was a miracle baby!  Now I’ve grown up into a healthy man! LOL  I show yall everything!! Make sure you comment below,  follow me on Instagram at IAMKENDRELL and on Twitter! Have a great day! I’ll keep yall posted on what surprises happen today!



Love You,






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