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Happy New Years from stylist Kendrell Bowman


How’s everything going? I hope all is well. I’ve been away for the holidays. I’ve been in Boston for Christmas and I’m going to spend the New Years here. I’ll be back in NYC on Jan.2. I have an exciting project that I’m working on this week that I will expose in a few days. Make sure yall Thank God for all of your blessings.. Today.. I’m going to go to the gym and chill. Oh, Tell me yall New Years Resolutions.. I have a few..

1. I’m going to step it up by taking my career to the next level. i.e.expand my brand, doing more styling jobs this year.  2. I want to dress someone for The Tony Awards  3. Get in the best shape ever this year.

Alright, I’ll end up adding more by the end of the day!

Love You,



I feel so blessed.. I’m so thankful..

Wassup Yall,

I just got home from my day. It’s now 11:35 pm. I had a busy week. I’ve been slacking with the gym cause of my work schedule and I’m not happy about that. So, we haven’t spoke since Sunday right.. Well Let’s catch up!! I watched The Love & Hip Hop Special.. K.Michelle is so silly! She was wearing the grey Logan Neitzel Vest in her confessionals. I watched it at the recording studio with her while she was recording her album. We stayed there late that night then I stayed with her at the hotel. She left the next morning. I did some returns on Monday and took the rest of the day off and tried to rest some. That night I ordered a pizza and watched my reality tv shows! Basketball Wives Reunion and Housewives of Beverly Hills, Housewives of Atlanta( on DVR) and Mary Mary. I wanted to stay in on Tuesday too but I had more returns to do and I had to look for a dress for Lauriana Mae to wear for an event on Thursday. Lauriana Mae was invited to sing at fashion designer Tory Burch home!! This was a challenge cause most designers have sent out all of the dresses to award shows in LA. Luckily, I had a dress from a showroom left over from The MET performance that I ended up using.

Tonight before we went inside Tory Burch’s apartment.. I had a moment in the car. I was like “WOW” I work my ass off and a lot of the time being a stylist your work goes un notice. Most of the time the client receives the compliment that you look amazing etc. Well, I’m lucky to have clients that give me the respect to what I do. I was just feeling very blessed and lucky to be in this position. I’m not at the top YET but I’m on my way. I know that GOD has a plan for me and he keeps showing me through all the struggles, that It’s going to get even better. For me, a young black man from South Carolina.. I remember when I was a kid all I ever wanted to do is be on top “famous” and work in fashion. I’m reflecting in my bed now and I’m like GOD is really listening to my prayers.  Today was my Granny’s Birthday..  She’s 72 years old.  I sent her an Edible Arrangement with All Pineapples and Strawberries. She called me and said Thank You and that the pineapples are good and sweet. She’s my best friend. I love her so much! She makes me smile even when she tells me that she’s going to knock my lights out!! LOL  I love yall.. Remember to keep GOD first and always Thank GOD even when you’re feeling down.. cause theirs always someone out there doing worst!

toryk love


Stylist Kendrell…. What’s Today?

Whats going on yall? How’s your Sunday going? I hope you’re relaxing. This weather sucks outside! I hate the rain. Umbrellas is the worst accessory!  Well, I had a long week.. When I tell you that I know I lost at least 3 lbs from running around. So, Last we spoke I had both clients at the same time. Which I did for the whole week! Atlantic Recording Artist Lauriana Mae performed at The MET in NYC. She wore a stunning Marc Bouwer Gown. She looked amazing!

Lauriana MET Right after The MET I went to go meet K.Michelle for the event at Kiss & Fly. We got there around 1:30 am.  We had a good time. Me, Eb The Celeb, K.Michelle, New New and peeps from MBK. I got home that night at 5am. Then I woke up and was out the house by 11 am to return the dress to Marc Bouwer and the other showroom. I went to pick up the dresses for K.Michelle for the VH1 Event Saturday night. While doing this I realized I didn’t get me anything to wear to the The Chamber Group Christmas Party at the Versace store yet. I was taking Lauriana with me to the party so that meant I had to dress her too!! We go to the part at 10pm which started at 8pm. Everything came together ..We looked great! I had the chance to see a lot of my colleagues and friends that night. Renaldo, Chris, Sherlen,  Sebastian, Rosie, Atiba, Tameka, Trevina it was great! Here’s some pictures from that night.

the boysgroup store

Then Yesterday, Which would be Saturday.. I spent with one of my closest friends Summit. We have been best friends for a long time. He knows the real me. We went shopping downtown and to dinner. Here’s our BIKER LOOKS in the NYC STREETS!

Biker Summit K Funny Right.. So Today IS SUNDAY!! Watch on VH1 Tonight Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Special at 8pm. K.Michelle will be wearing this Vest that I’m in Love with from Logan Neitzel. I found this piece on after having brunch one day. The collar is so DOPE!! Tell me what yall think.. I’m going to a gathering in Brooklyn this afternoon.. pass by the studio to hear K.Michelle record her album and be back to watch my reality tv tonight with you!

Love You,



2 Clients at the Same Damn TIME!

Yo Yo Yo.. Whats good?!? I’m here trying to reach out to yall before I start my crazy day! Thank Yall so much for all of your comments and emails about my last post. It really meant a lot to me that yall cared, but we can’t let the negativity stress us out. We keep it moving!! So I went to Boston on Sunday to see Anthony. It was nice.. He’s staying in this luxury building that’s just amazing. This is kinda weird, but I love staying in hotels.It kinda felt like that, but no one was coming to clean up after me! LOL I stayed there for 2 days spent some time and worked on our Sylvester Show too. As soon as I got back to NYC on Tuesday I went to 2 showrooms looking for dresses for Lauriana Mae. Lauriana is performing at the MET in NYC tonight which i’m excited about. The whole time while I was in Boston, I was sending emails to different showrooms and designers requesting an appointment. It’s hard to get an appointment with high end designers if the client isnt an A LIST Celebrity as of yet. I must have sent over 50 emails out, but I did get some appointments. It’s always good to keep your contacts updated as a stylist. While I was doing this I also was working to get K.Michelle clothes for her events this week. I have 2 clients that both have events on the same night in the same city! My body is so tired, cause I’m doing all of this alone. My assistant has been busy so the weight falls on me. During my day yesterday of returns and appointments, I made time to have lunch with one of my best friends Renaldo. Renaldo works for a PR Company that works with celebrities. So he gets the demands, schedule and personaliteies of the clients. It was good to catch up with him. We went to Sea in the Meatpacking District.  Here’s a picture of at lunch ..

I know, I know, I know.. We look so fashion/done up for day time right?!? I have an excuse I had to make a good first impression at my new showroom contacts. We look dope tho right??! So.. I then had an appointment with fashion designer Marc Bouwer at his studio with Lauriana. I was kinda stunned. You see like I told yall hard work pays off. Marc Bouwer is a top designer and here I am doing a fitting with my client with the designer himself!! All this started by me just sending an email .. and 2 days later .. BOOM!  Well, I gotta run.. I have to finish getting K.Michelle her wardrobe for the night. If you’re in NYC K.Michelle and I will be at Kiss & Fly in the meatpacking district tonight! I also will be at the MET with Lauriana before..I love Yall.. make today a productive day!



Hard Work Pays Off, but Remain Humble!

Wassup Yall,

What yall doing? I’m here in my favorite spot.. on my couch! LOL I’m here doing some work. I woke up early this morning cause I had a lot on my mind. My creative energy started so I had to get up and put it to use. I got a call yesterday from Atlantic Records for a few projects next week for Lauriana Mae. I’m excited about that. I love working with Lauriana Mae cause she’s so humble and she loves luxury things like me! LOL She’s performing for an event in NYC next week which should be dope.K.Michelle will be back in NYC next week too.. She was in Atlanta filming Season 2 which is going to be even better than the first season. I just realized that I’m double booked on Thursday, but I’ll figure it out. We are trying to have her host a party at a club here next weekend too. I’ll let you know the details soon.

I’m not sure if you know this, but outside of my styling career my partner and I have a show called Fabulous, One More Time A Sylvester Concert. The show is about the 1970’s disco singer Sylvester.We sold out all of our NYC Shows. Now we are taking the show on tour and the first stop is Washington, D.C. on January 27, 2013.  The show is basically a broadway musical that tells the life story of Sylvester through HIS music HIS way. Beyond all the trials, tribulations, glitz and glamour of his lifestyle, he was a symbol for being FABULOUS, but, also, a symbol for unapologetic being who he was. Anthony wrote and direct the show. I’m the Creative Director and Head Costume Designer. Together we put together a memorable experience. The show also features Broadway’s Anastacia McCleskey (PRISCILLA; Hair) and Jacqueline B. Arnold (PRISCILLA) as The Two Tons of Fun/Weather Girls. Backed by the Sylvester Singers (Antoine L. Smith and Rashidra Scott) and a FULL LIVE Band led by Drummer Jason Patterson, this show is GUARANTEED to have you dancing in the aisles.

Everything seems to be going great right! Professionally, that is.. but personally I kind of had a fucked up week. I promise to always be real with yall just to show you that I have real shit going on in my life just like yall. My father and I never really got along. He’s been the type of father to always give me what I want financially, but never expressed or really showed me love. My father doesn’t approve of my “lifestyle” being gay that is .. and with all of my accomplishments he doesn’t give 2 fucks. My parents are divorced and I’m his only child. I’m closest to my granny.. and now as I got older me and my mother are getting there. Well, My father called me this week yelling and cursing and disrespecting me about my “lifestyle”. I was so upset, cause I was in the middle of finding K.Michelle green screen looks for the show and he just tried to throw my mind off track. I had to stay focus cause in business no one cares about what is going on in my personal life. I just had to get the job done.. and I DID! I just want to say to you everything that glitters aint gold. I work hard and its paying off, but I always try to be real and humble. Don’t ever think that you’re better than, just cause God blessed you with something.. cause I’ve been told “GOD GIVES.. BUT ALSO TAKES!”



Love You,



I’m out the Booth.. Leggo!

Wassup yall?!? Whats really good. I apologize that I’ve been MIA, but I hope all is good in your world. So let’s recap.. As you know I went to South Carolina to see my family for Thanksgiving. I really needed that time. A lot has been going on in my world so  i needed to regroup. It was great to see My Moma, Daddy, Family and My favorite person “My Granny”. I ate so much while I was there. I had the chance to go out with some of my high school friends too. Yall’ know that I like to party, but It was so hard to do that while I was down there. In NYC I’ll jump in the cab drunk and go home, but you have to drive there to go home! So please don’t drink and drive! Anthony is in Boston prepping for his next broadway show. We didn’t get to spend the holiday together. It was sad, but to be honest I needed time to myself. It’s difficult at times when you’re with someone in a relationship, live together, then on top of that we do business together. It can be much, but at the end of the day it’s worth it. It’s funny how certain people come into your lives for a reason. I have great intuition and I can read energy really well. I’ve had an encounter recently that shocked me in a good way.  I can usually tell within the first 3 minutes of conversation if I fucks with you or not. I have had the same group of friends for over 10 years. LOYALTY!! I get emails from people saying that they admire my work, and work ethic. Which, I think is cool it’s just how I was raised. I want you to know if you’re doing something that you always wanted to do in life as a stylist, fashion designer, makeup artist or whatever. I admire you too, I respect the strength and perseverance that you have each day when you wake up to hustle and don’t take NO for an answer. Keep it up.. wink wink … Alright enough of my Iyalna moment..

Today I went to the gym and had a session with my new trainer. I’m all about fitness! It was cool.. I’m trying to get bigger. Oh, I LOVE Keyshia Cole new CD. I love Keyshia. I would marry her! My friend told me about this singer Lena Del Ray.. am I the only person that doesn’t know who she is?!?! He has good taste so I’m sure she’s dope.


K.Michelle called me today and was like “Emergency! VH1 needs more options for green screen looks. They’ve changed their mind. I’m coming to NYC tomorrow and I’ll be there for 2 days” .. I’m like “FUCK, OKAY”! So now i’m going to be spending the next 48 hours looking for the hottest pieces. This is the part that’s not fun. I swear these clients think that I’m Samantha from Bewitched and I can twinkle my nose and clothes will appear, but this is part of the job so I just shut up and do it. On top of this Love & Hip Hop ATL stuff We are doing the first show of Fabulous, One More Time A Sylvester Concert on tour in Washington,D.C. on January 27, 2013 at the Howard Theater. ( I know that was a run on sentence, but I type how I talk so that you can feel like I’m having a One on One convo with YOU! Don’t Judge ME!!) We’ve been finalizing these contracts back and forth and hopefully the logistics will be finish by tomorrow. Ummm.. What else.. check out my client Lauriana Mae endorsement for Coca Cola. She has the Christmas Commercial that they do every year. Make sure you set your DVR on December 16th on VH1 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will have a special. The show will air behind the scene footage, a glimpse at season 2, interview updates with the cast and more. K.Michelle will be wearing a Logan Neitzel Vest from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Alright, I’m tired of typing and I got work to do..


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