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Happy Thanksgiving

Wassup Yall,

Happy Thanksgiving! I know that I’ve been MIA, but I had a busy past weeks. I’ve been all over the place! Right now I’m in South Carolina visiting my family for the holiday. I will post photos when I go back to NYC. I’m so excited to eat all of this southern food! Yall, be safe and be Thankful for just having life. Remember there is always someone worst off than you are so be Grateful!

Love You,



Slow down Kendrell

What’s going on.. I’m just waking up. I have a haircut appointment at noon. I saw K.Michelle 2 days ago. A group of us went out to dinner at Del Friscos on 49 and 6 avenue. I loved the food and drinks! I will be back there! I was supposed to have a job for Lauriana Mae this week to go to Mexico for Coca Cola, but the job never happened! Sucks! So, now im on to the next. Grinding, but also trying not to get too caught up with my career that I forget about seeing my family down south. I haven’t seen my family now about a year and a half. On Thanksgiving, I normally have a big dinner at my place in NYC with all of my friends. I cook everything. This is a time for us to come together and alot of my friends family aren’t in NYC so why not spend it together! Make sure yall watch My Interview with Reality TV Fashion here.. Their 5 parts so Here is Part 1


New Video Interview with Kendrell and Reality TV Fashion Blog

Hey Yall…

Don’t kill me.. I’ve been busy.. but I have a treat for yall.. I did an interview with Reality TV Fashion Blog. This was an intimate interview in my styling studio and I tried to be real as possible. It was super laid back and gave me the chance to let people see all sides of this business. I hope that yall enjoy it. Please comment here and let me know what you think after watching the video. Here’s the link  I love this blog! Tomorrow I’m going to get a consultation on getting  some veneers! LOL I have nice white straight teeth already.. I just want something different. I know i’m weird, but don’t judge me! LOL Make sure to follow me on Instagram too : AdultSituations  Twitter: IAMKENDRELL

Love Ya,



Kendrell’s Back !

 Wassup Yall.. I’m so sorry that I’ve been missing for a minute. So many things been going on. Hurricane Sandy came and knocked out NYC and New Jersey. During this time I wasn’t able to work or do returns, because the subway system was out of service due to the flooding. I had a chance to volunteer at the shelter to families that lost their homes due to Hurricane Sandy. Alright, back to business.. I did an interview for Glam Couture Magazine which went well. I’ll let you know when the interview is published. I have another interview that I’m excited about doing this week. It’s with Reality TV Fashion website. I love that website. I go there to do my research on the latest fashions. I’ll keep yall updated on that too.

  Anthony & I at the White House

Alright, so I went to Washington, DC today with Anthony. Our flight was at 9am. We had a meeting with an investor thats bringing our Sylvester Show to DC in January. This is going to be a BIG Show! While I was there I had the chance to go to The White House and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. I felt responsible. I didn’t do any shopping, but I did things that meant something more. At times I still gag that I’m living my dreams. I’m telling yall hard wok and prayer! Try it! Ok, I’m about to watch Housewives of Atlanta! I love Phaedra! Talk to yall tomorrow! Love You



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