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They Say NO.. YOU Say YES!!

What’s going on? I’m here with Anthony getting things ready for the Fabulous, One More Time A Sylvester Concert tomorrow. We are excited. This show began back in May. Anthony wanted to do a show about the 1970’s disco singer Sylvester. He approached two producers to help him produce the show and they said NO! So, I was like Fuck It.. We will do it ourselves. So Anthony wrote the show and got the singers/band together. I put together how it would look visually and did the costumes. After alot of hard work and sacrifices we opened our first sold out show on July 29, 2012. Now, we are doing it again after getting such a great response tomorrow September 30, 2012 at 6 pm Le Poisson Rouge. It’s amazing to be able to work together with your partner and make something successful. Then go to your own career and be successful. GOD IS GOOD!! Well, tonight i’m going out with my best friends. (SEBASTIAN, RENALDO) If you look to the left side they are the 2 guys i’m with under picture of Kanye West and I. So, we plan to have some fun laugh and promote a little before the big show. Tonight should be fun.. I just wanted to tell yall if anyone tells you NO that they can’t help you.. You find the strength within.. pray and ask GOD to give you the tools to DO IT YOURSELF!



Welcome to My World.. I AM KENDRELL

Hello yall’  <– Yes, I said Yall I’m a southern boy(charleston, south carolina)! Welcome to my website and my Journal. I’m so excited to be able to share my day to day with you. This will include my experiences as a celebrity stylist and my personal life with family and friends. On each side of the page you see photos of me and all of the people that I love and hate at times! LOL  I’ve been working on this website so hard to make it a personal experience so that I can be in touch with my family, friends and aspiring stylists. I’m going to post everyday so that we can stay connected. I’m very direct and outspoken. So, please don’t get offended if my language is a little ratchet. Most importantly, I’m REAL. I just want to share my journey with yall’ because we all have dreams and I know it’s hard. I want to inspire others that no matter how hard it gets you can achieve it. I hope with my real stories of my struggles it can help you. Please take the time to sign up your emails so I can invite yall to parties, sample sales, fashion shows, trends and updates with me. I’m not going to talk too much on the first day.. Trust me I have a busy weekend so we will have time to really get to know one another! If you’re in the NYC area come out on Sunday to Le Poisson Rouge in the west village to see the show that my partner and I created ” Fabulous, One More Time A Sylvester Concert” at 6pm. You can go to this link to purchase your tickets We sold out the show last month.. and hopefully again on Sunday too. I’m the Head Costume Designer for the show and Creative Director. Hope to see you there… Leave comments and let me know what you think of my new site!!  Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram name is ADULTSITUATIONS. I pray yall like my site cause it cost me a good penny! Shit, I ain’t Lying!  :)




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