Stylist Kendrell – Hustle & Flow

Good Morning,

Happy Monday! Hope y’all had a great weekend! Let’s catch up a bit. Everything is starting to pick up. Last week I had 2 photo shoots. I’m really excited about both. I can’t wait until the photos are released! It was great to do a shoot with an artist that shared the same vision and fashion taste level as I. This made me love my job that day!!

photo 1

Then, after my shoot I had production meetings for our Upcoming Broadway Show that we created “Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical”. Many don’t realize how much effort goes into producing a show. Being the boss over creative people can get challenging cause everyone has these grand ideas and me being a creative person as well I have to make sure that I find the balance of a creative vision versus our BUDGET for the show! Our Show opens on September 5th here in NYC. Make sure you get your tickets.


Anthony and I also were chosen as the first Profile for “BLACK GAYS THAT ROCK”.  We went to their offices at Paramount Plaza to do a recorded interview about our journey to success with the Sylvester Musical. I think this will be released August 3rd, 2014.  After that I met up with my trainer Summit at the gym. We worked out for 2 hours then I went back to do some work. On Sunday Afternoon, I had a moment to myself. I started to think about my Granny. I miss her so much. On Sundays, I would call her when I got home from church and we would compare church sermons and talk about what I was cooking for Sunday Dinner. I watched the DVD of me speaking at my Granny’s funeral. Then, I started to look through some old photos that I kept. Here’s a vintage black and white photo of my Granny.

photo 7


I pulled my self out of that funk and got dressed in All Black to meet the homies!! A drink or two will always help get my mind off things. I had a blast! It was good to get out.

photo 6


I was supposed to go with Anthony to this Pot Luck Party that we go to every year, but I didn’t feel like going. I was going to make Lasagna. My Lasagna is BANGIN, but All that Cheese is expensive! Plus, making that is a process and I was like NAW!! So I went to the rooftop party. It was so funny people kept saying you’re always working! I was like yeah.. Work hard Now to be able to Rest Later!!

Have a great day!  Love You




Kendrell- Balancing 2 Careers


Good Morning Y’all,

Thank you so much for all of the love and positive feedback that you gave me on my last journal entry. It’s funny I have a small group of friends that I talk to on the regular, but writing to y’all gives me the freedom to just TALK.  Well, Today is going to be a busy day for me. I’m already on set in Brooklyn at a Photo Shoot for Out Magazine. It feels good to be back on set STYLING!! This shoot is going to be amazing. Kinda Historical. I’ll share details later. I hope we hurry up here cause I have to meet my other client Lauriana Mae at 2:30 to do some pulls at a Showroom for her photo shoot tomorrow which is going to be exciting.


IMG_9167On Set at the Photo Shoot!!

I guess I’ll work on Sylvester stuff tonight. I still need to find an hour to hit the gym!!I’ll make it work. Oh, yesterday I was bored and couldn’t sleep so I wrote a list of My ALL TIME TOP FAVORITE SONGS!  SEE BELOW! LET ME KNOW IF YALL HAVE SOME OF THE SAME FAVORITE SONGS TOO..    MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A COMMENT!

Aaliyah- Street Thing (Love This) 
Jazmine Sullivan- Excuse Me & One Night Stand
Christina Aguilera- Loving Me 4 Me & Understand 
Charlie Wilson- You Are ( My Wedding Song) 
Michelle Williams- Sun Will Shine Again ( whenever i’m doubtful)
Keyshia Cole- I Thought You My Back, Situations, So many to list
Kelly Rowland- Haven’t Told You (when I have a crush)
R.Kelly- 12 Play & Just Can’t Get Enough Of You
Phyllis Hyman- You know how to love me (Anthony & I song for wedding reception)
Donald Lawrence- Encourage yourself
Anita Baker- Talk to me
B Angie B- So much love (my moma would play this)
Lisa Stansfield- All woman (my moma would play this)
Whitney Houston- Saving all my love
HiFive – Never should have let you go ( I sung this in a talent show as a child)
Michele- Something in my heart (classic R&B)
BOYZ II Men- A Song for Moma ( for my granny)
R.Kelly music was a lady
NAS- Big things (Motivating, Hustle Music)
Voices- Yeah, Yeah,Yeah (my childhood friends know)
Brand New Heavies- Never Stop (feel good music)
Deborah Cox- Love is on the way
Faith Evans- Soon as I get home & Reasons
Mary J. Blige – Mary’s joint, Never wanna live without you, Don’t go
Mariah Carey- Yours
Kelly Price- Secret Love , You Don’t have to worry about me
Usher- Bedtime
Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston- Something in Common
Yolanda Adams- Never give up
Vickie Winans- Long as I got king Jesus
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles- You Really Got a Hold On Me
Dinah Washington- I don’t hurt anymore & This Bitter Earth
Dianne Schurr- Deedles Blues
Sylvester – Over & Over
Lauriana Mae- Love

Stevie Wonder- Sir Duke

Talk to y’all later! Go Grind and Get that Money!!

Love You,





Time to Catch Up with Stylist Kendrell


What’s up y’all ? Let me start off by first apologizing for going M.I.A. for almost a year. So much has happened. I don’t even know where to begin honestly. So please be patient with me if I start to ramble, but I have so many thoughts in my head that It’s crazy. I’m still with my partner Anthony. We’ve been together for 3 years now. The last time that we spoke I was going to Italy. That trip was amazing. Of course I shopped a lot. We stayed there for a week. I need another vacation! Anthony and I decided to make history and produce our Sylvester Show to Broadway! The show is going to open here in NYC on September 5- October 5, 2014 at The St.Clement’s Theater in Times Square. How exciting right? Working with your partner can be difficult,  but to be honest I couldn’t see myself on this journey with anyone else. It’s been challenging producing this show. Yes, we created the show, but it’s a lot of work and politics that comes along with it. We raised money on Kickstarter for the show. We contact every friend, family member, colleague or person with money to ask for donations. By the grace of God we exceeded our goal of 18,000 to 22,500. Which was dope. It felt good for us to go to the theater and pay for the rental in full 9 months in advance! Well, that was for the theater, but the theater doesn’t come with lights, sound, sets, or even  a curtain. All of these things cost money! So we had to reach out to investors to help us make our dream come full circle. This was a stressful period and still is for Anthony and I. So much pressure to make sure things are right that Anthony and I started to argue about any little thing. We love each other, but our relationship has so many layers that most don’t. So this gives us more options to pop off. The good thing is we always find our way to get back on track.


During this time of raising money for the show, my priorities changed.  My styling was slow since a few of my clients weren’t busy and producing a broadway show takes up all of your time. I decided to dedicate all of my time to the show. I didn’t mind  cause I wanted to do all that I could to show the world that my partner was a STAR! I wanted to help him get a Tony Award. There’s nothing like achieving something on your own! I wanted the world to know about our show NOT just NYC or Broadway. So , I went on Social Media and started the branding process for the show. I contacted any and every celebrity so that they could spread the word. I knew that we needed a name to help us. Even though the show is fabulous, and we are business savvy, but no one cares if you don’t have a Stamp of Approval. I had a list of celebrities that I thought would fit with our show and what Sylvester would have wanted. My list consisted of Rupaul, Whoopi Goldberg, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Elton John. The funny thing is 2 of them came true! Sheryl Lee Ralph and Whoopi Goldberg! They replied back to my tweets on TWITTER!! See look at GOD!! We spoke to Sheryl Lee Ralph on the phone and arranged to meet her 2 days later in Philadelphia. Anthony and I was scrapped for money so we took the bus there. Sheryl picked us up from the bus station and took us to a cute diner by her Son’s college campus. We talked and pitched to her our project and just like that Sheryl Lee Ralph was Co-Producing “Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical” with us!!  I was so excited! I called my Granny to tell her the news. She said “That’s Good!”



Life is so crazy. My best friend Summit. He’s the tall  muscular one. He’s the biggest of all of us, but the most sensitive one too. His mom was battling cancer for many years. She passed away Days’s before Christmas. I went to my best friend Summit’s Mom Funeral on January 5, 2014. It was a cold day in NYC.  We had a bad snow storm. I remember going to Brooklyn after church that Sunday. The ground was icy with snow. I had to be careful in my dress shoes or I would have bust my ass. I got to Brooklyn a little wary before the funeral, so I went inside Dunkin’ Donuts and called my Granny while I waited until 4pm. I told her I was in Brooklyn for the funeral and then asked her has anyone had Cancer in our family? She said No. I complained to her about the weather in NYC and told her I felt like I was going to be in church all day since  I just left my Sunday Service in Harlem. I told her that I’ll call her later. I proceeded to walk to the funeral home. I felt so bad for my friend. I had never lost a relative that close to me. So I couldn’t have imagined how he felt. I stayed there with him until it was over. Some of  Summit friends from college was there. One girl told me she never experience death either and her family taught her that we all will leave this world one day. I shared with her that I was raised like that too. I told her that My mom and grandparents already started to plan their wills and funerals.




The next day, January 6, 2014. I was home in the bed on a conference call for the show. Anthony was sitting at the foot of the bed on the call too. While we were discussing business on the phone my Moma was calling my cellphone and I couldn’t speak to her then. So, I told her to hold on and I guess she got tired of me saying i’m coming just hold on. Then, she said my name in a stern tone “KENDRELL” and I was like “What?” Then, she said “Moma’s gone” and I said ” Wait, What did you say?” Then she said it again “Moma’s Gone.”  I screamed so loud I think my entire building heard my cry. I hung up on her and ran to he bathroom and locked myself in there and cried. I didn’t understand. I just spoke to her 12 hours ago!!  I’m going to have to change the subject now cause it hurts me so bad. She was my best friend and biggest supporter. I feel alone sometimes in this world. Success means nothing when you don’t have that one to say I’m proud of you and I knew you could do it. I think this is the reason I work so hard and I try to do big projects so that I can be distracted with some of the hurt that I have. I be telling y’all everything.


537770_10151750882986824_1305691526_n Granny & I Last Time Together on October 27, 2013

Months have gone by and We’ve been so busy with work. Working with Sheryl Lee Ralph is amazing. She’s so funny and down to earth. I’ve become so involved in this project lately I’ve started to feel some type of way that I haven’t been styling. Thats my passion. It’s funny that Anthony and I are making history being 2 black gay men producing a show that we created for broadway. The funny thing is that it’s not the thing that gives me my high. it does but Styling is a different high. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do and now I feel it’s time for me to get back at it. That’s going to be difficult right now. Both careers takes up a lot of time. Lauriana Mae just called me for a shoot on Wednesday and I have another photo shoot on Tuesday for OUT MAGAZINE. I’ll get it all done. I skipped some stories, but I’ll tell y’all later. Telling y’all about my Granny kinda fucked up my head to keep talking. Please make sure to send me your comments below. It gives me inspiration. I love You!  Oh If you’re in the NYC area I’ll be on channel ABC Today at Noon on Here and Now with Anthony and Sheryl Lee Ralph.



Happy Tuesday!!

Happy Tuesday Friends!! I hope that you’re having a great day. It’s kinda cold here in NYC today. I had to be up so early this morning. Anyone that knows me knows I’m not a morning person. I had a dentist appointment at 9am. I got 3 fill ins. I really need to stay away from cookies and cakes. I’m home now and I’m about to send some emails regarding our Sylvester Show. As I told you yesterday, we are planning to have a run off broadway next year. So, I’m going to spend my day compiling numbers for the production. Anthony and I have to do all the behind the scene work which includes finding the right theater, salary we must pay the actors, band, lighting/sound crew, costume department, lawyer fees, PR company and much more. This production is going to cost thousands of dollars and a lot of work, but we will make it happen.

I just received an email from Charleston Fashion Week. I’m from Charleston, South Carolina and I thought it would be cool to go back where I’m from to educate the youth about styling. The event isn’t until next year, but the pre production meetings started yesterday. Remember the photo shoot that I was talking about yesterday with Meghan? Well, we decided to meet tomorrow so that’s going to be fun. In the meantime, my plate is full between Sylvester and my styling. I can’t wait to go vacation. Anthony and I are going to Italy on September 29th.  YES!! 12 more days!! Hope you enjoy your day! Time to play with numbers! Visit our Sylvester website  It’s still being built, but you will be able to see a snippet video.

Love You,



Kendrell’s Back

I’m Back Yall! I know I played myself for not posting in months! I got some of your emails regarding my absence. I never knew so many of yall really read my journal. I’ve been so busy with work and a lot of personal stuff combined.  I don’t know where to begin since I haven’t post since April. Well, I had an amazing summer. I went on vacation with my best friend Sebastian, we did our Sylvester Show in NYC during Gay Pride, Anthony and I got engaged, K.Michelle and I are no longer working together, My father and I still don’t speak and some people really showed their ASS … Well, I’m at a happy place right now believe it or not!! :)

These past months I’ve grown so much. I’ve learned to be a better friend, partner, businessman and person to myself. I’m still the “Take NO Shit” personality, but now I tend not to pop off as much cause it’s not worth my stress. I have this motto now if it’s not making me money or helping me to be a better person in life.. “why are you here?” I’M SERIOUS.

I just finished Fashion Week here in NYC with my client Lauriana Mae.  It was so much fun. I love my job. I had a few moments when I thought to myself like “Wow, Kendrell.. You are really here doing what you love, sitting front row next to Heidi Klum and Nicki Minaj”. Yes. I work in fashion, Yes, I wear designer labels, but I’m still a young black man in this fashion industry. I’m a minority in this community. We all hear many people running around yelling that their a stylist, OKAY ..It’s hard work, but as Jenifer Lewis said in Dirty Laundry ” I know I hit my note!”  LOL   See the photos below:

LM HERVE lm2 BCBGMAXAZRIA Spring 2014 Runway

Anthony and I brought our Sylvester show back to NYC during Pride. It was amazing! We sold out both shows! The day of the last show was Anthony’s Birthday. So, I surprised him with his family in the audience and his best friends from Tokyo and Indiana. When he hit the stage as Sylvester he was shocked! After the show is when I gave him his new ring! That was a dope night. I love surprising people and seeing them happy. People see all the glitz and glam but don’t understand it’s been a hard road to get to where we are now. Shit, we learn something new about each other everyday. We make it work cause we want to and love each other. (We are like Tamar & Vince)   Now we are planning a off broadway run here in NYC. We are slate to open the show Summer 2014.  In the meantime, to see video, photos etc. please visit the website

ringsAtlantic City

I’m preparing for a photo shoot that I’m excited about. We are still in the creative stages with the concept, but I want this shoot to go back to my background. LUXURY HIGH FASHION.  If you didn’t know, before becoming a Full- time Stylist I ran the Ready to Wear Division for Louis Vuitton in NYC and then I managed Balenciaga. This shoot is going to reflect that. I’m blessed to have clients that show my diversity and not just a urban feel. I don’t want to be put in a box. I don’t dress the same everyday so I don’t want my work to look the same either. I realized as I’m typing this that I say the word SO  a lot! LOL! I have a meeting with my homegirl Meghan (makeup artist) so that we can put our ideas together. I strongly suggest ALL Stylists to continue to do test shoots. This allows you to be in creative control and get images that reflect your point of view as a stylist. It also helps you stay current. Think of it like music.. We aren’t listening to “You down with O.P.P. in 2013 on the radio right?”

I’m gonna let yall go for now. I’m going to have new photos up of my latest work. I don’t like using that word in a sentence that involves me LATE!  NEVER!  I’m not going to get into the drama that has happened as of yet.  Ugh.. So what’s going on with yall?!? Make sure you leave a comment and follow me on Instagram at IAMKENDRELL

Love You,







I was in the mood to talk.. I’m here in my apartment sitting here in silence. No noise, No Music or TV.. just me in my thoughts. Is there times in your life where you feel like you’re just working hard? I mean just working to achieve a goal or even paying a bill ? Then, when you accomplished it the feeling is so good and you get addicted to that feeling and you want to do something else to feel it again? In the process you start accomplishing each task then it becomes almost normal? I’m not saying this to sound concieted or cocky, but I’m saying this cause we get caught up sometimes with conquering the task that we forget about time for ourselves. Right? or to even reflect and be like damn, I did some pretty amazing shit and met some great people along the way! After working with clients/celebrities to me its like you’re human just like me, but at the same time I’m like WOW I’m doing a job that I love and always dreamed of doing. Plus, there’s many aspiring stylists that wish they could be in my shoes.

Last night I’ll be honest, I was out having drinks..(anyone that knows me knows that I love a good drink!) When I got home I was watching on the DVR with Anthony Cee-Lo Green & Lauriana Mae performance on Ellen TV Show. I felt so blessed and happy. Most of the times when I watch my styling work on TV I’ll watch it over and over again and critique my work. I do this cause I’m a perfectionist and I want to always be better. Anyways, last night was different. I watched Lauriana Mae perform in the vintage Catherine Malandrino dress with poise and I saw the joy in her eyes as she sung. I was like wow.. This girl is very talented and I’m blessed to be working with her. I started to think back a year and a half ago when I met her at the record label for our first meeting. I asked her all of her likes/dislikes and vibed with her. While I was watching her walk around that stage it was funny to me cause she was holding up the dress at times to make sure she got a shoe shot on camera and to the public eye no one would have known all the obstacles we went through 48 hours prior to make this look happen. I was having a hard time getting a shoe for her cause the budget wasn’t that big and I have expensive taste. Everything I showed her she was like NO! I started to get frustrated with her and was like look well I don’t know what to tell you. Do you know this girl went out to stores while I was in NYC and she was in Jersey and started looking for shoes herself and sent me photos of what she liked for my opinion. She found a YSL shoe and we got it. I respect this girl so much. She believes in her brand, look and a team player. That’s very rare in this entertainment field.

I remember when I was working for Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. I had big clients like Kanye West, Chris Brown, David Banner, Foxy Brown just to name a few. I also had top celebrity stylists as my clients.  I felt like I was the best employee and they couldn’t tell me nothing. Then, it kinda got on my nerves after some time cause I would bring these companies millions of dollars of business from my clients but if I was late, or didn’t shave my facial hair that day, or forgot to take off my earrings or some other bullsshit they wanted to have a “sit down talk”.  The politics of corporate america and watching me  pick out all of these clients outfits for these stylists and they would wear them on TV. I never got the credit and that pushed me to start my own business. Well, That’s what I did..

You see these photos I have on each side of this page.. These are people I truly care about. People who know the real me. Sometimes they get on my nerves. One of my close friends Jabari he’s not up there but he should be. I’ll fix that! LOL  He’s one of the friends thats been around for over 10 years. Before this whole “CELEBRITY STYLIST”  thing. I write in my journal publicly to yall so that maybe I can inspire someone to be better. Shit, I’m not perfect.. far from. Yes, I try to live right. I go to church every sunday and try to treat people right most of the time. On the flipside I would be lying if I said I don’t  curse,  pop my mouth off at times when I shouldn’t, people claim that my attitude can be bad at times and trust me theres always going to be more shit that someone is going to say. I will tell you this.. I have a big heart. I will give my last to someone and I’m always trying to see others achieve their dreams too. My granny would say you can be whatever you want to be in life just work for it. That’s what I’ve been doing my whole life. So when people say sometimes WOW Kendrell you’re doing BIG THINGS.. In my head i’m like no i’m not I’m just getting started. So on that note try to set a BIG GOAL for yourself. Don’t compare your progress to the next person. GOD has your path for YOU and ONLY YOU.. It’s like a social security number! LOL  Then work at it and keep pushing..  Don’t think cause yall see pictures of me in designer clothes and all that.. and think thats what consume me. At the end of the day..<— don’t yall hate when people say that! LOL I’m just a chill dude that like to stay home cook and watch My shows Snapped, Bravo Reality TV or  someones Biography.

Thank you for taking the time out to listen to me ramble.. I hope you learned more about me and yourself at the same time.

Love You,



Cee-Lo Green and Lauriana Mae Perform on Ellen TV Show Today!


Good Afternoon,

How are yall? I hope you’re having a great day! Make sure you DVR or Tivo your TV TODAY for The Ellen Show! Cee-Lo Green and Lauriana Mae will perform thier single “Only You”. I want to show yall Vintage Dress Lauriana is wearing now, but you have to tune in today to see! I know Ellen comes on in NYC at 4pm.. Not sure everywhere else.

Have a productive day!



The Stylist Kendrell is BACK!


Hello Friends,

How are yall doing? I miss you so much! I’ve been crazy busy trying to juggle everything in my life! So I know it’s been a minute since we spoke. So, the Cee-Lo Green and Lauriana Mae song is about to start it’s Promotional Blitz. Today I’ll be shooting The Ellen DeGeneres Show in LA ! Cee-Lo and Lauriana will perform their song ” Only You”! The Episode will air tomorrow Wednesday, April 17th. This week A Viral Video may be released of rapper B.O.B. and Lauriana Mae of Chandelier. I didn’t style this cause I was double booked. So, My assistant Marcelle did this shoot! GO MARCELLE!  Love & Hip Hop ATL Season 2 is back on April 22nd. Make sure you tune in and see what K.Michelle will be wearing for her Confessional this time around. Then, I have Lauriana with Cee-Lo performing their song again on The Voice on May 8th. I’m double booked on May 8th I have something major that I will tell yall about soon that I have to do in Miami! Exciting!! Wait.. Let’s rewind back to today for Ellen. You must check it out tomorrow cause her outfit is a major situation! Vintage Catherine Malandrino! Last month I also shot the music video for “Money Mae” (which is on Itunes now)  for Lauriana Mae. That song will be featured in the new movie The Great Gatsby.  This is a music video that I can’t wait for yall to see. The video should be out in early May since The Great Gatsby movie comes out on May 10th.  The video was fashion driven and I was able to be creative without too many restrictions. Heres a preview of one of the looks from the video:



Remember when I told yall that I’m going to be in the gym hard? Well, I’m still dedicated to the gym and my body is transforming! I’ve been eating healthy, which yall know I hate. I miss frying chicken and baking my mac and cheese! LOL  My partner Anthony is in the Broadway Show Pippin. It’s an amazing show and the lead Patina Miller kills that part! She will be nominated for a Tony Award. Anthony has a featured role which he’s in the Iconic Manson Trio.  We are still doing our Sylvester Show too! Our Next Show will be on June 30th for NYC  GAY PRIDE! We’ll have 2 shows that day. See below for Details.. Alot going on right.. I know..  The goal is to take our show to Broadway! Make sure to get your tickets! Every show has sold out!

Sylvester Flyer June30 Thats our Sylvester  ken gym tankMe pippinPippin

I got to get to work now.. I love yall and We will be speaking more on the regular again. It’s called LIFE!! LOL



Alright.. Here’s the update!


Good Morning! I woke up early today. So let me be productive. I know that I haven’t been posting everyday like before and I apologize. So much has been going on. So let me give you the run down. We spoke on my birthday which was amazing, but the day after we found out that Anthony’s mom wasn’t doing well. he’s from Virginia. So we rented a car and drove down south to be with her and his family. We stayed down there for 4 days and came back to NYC for one night. In the midst of all of this I had a client that needed me to finish shopping for her in NYC. Thank God for my assistant Marcelle! He stepped up to the plate and keep proving to me that he’s a leader. I’m thinking about bringing someone else on my team under him that he can train too cause he works hard for me. Alright.. Then we got a call the night we got back that things were getting worst. To make a long story short she passed away. So we went back down there and I was there to support him and be there for him and his family. The trip was hard, but it brought us closer. That was my first time meeting his entire family. It was like family reunion and a bit overwhelming. Some people looking at me like who’s that? All I did was smile and played my position. Anthony never met my family. My family is more outspoken and opinionated than Anthony’s, so i was little nervous. Since I was around his family so much it made me want to see my family. So we drove down to South Carolina to see mine. I was happy cause I got to renew my driver’s license too. When we got there we first stopped by my Granny & Granddaddy house. We sat in the living room and just spoke about life, family and laughed. I’m spoiled by my Granny. She’s so funny. She told me that I needed to cut my hair cause I looked like I needed to go back to Africa! LOL So we stayed there for a minute then left to go to my Moma’s house. On the way there I get a text from K.Michelle saying :


I’m trying not to think about work while I’m away, but at the same time as a Stylist (which many people claim that they are) what you won’t do someone else will. I’ve been working with K.Michelle for about 4 years now and this was a big performance for her so I couldn’t miss this opportunity. Then it hit me “KENDRELL IT’S SATURDAY, ALL SHOWROOMS ARE CLOSED ON THE WEEKEND,  MONDAY IS A HOLIDAY AND HER SHOW IS ON TUESDAY!!”  So, I was like I’ll figure this out later. Right when I said that I got a call from Lauriana Mae’s Manager saying that “We are going to shoot Lauriana’s music video in LA on Thursday and we need 3 looks. I’ll book your plane ticket tonight!” Really?!? All of this while I’m away?!?!  OK.. We got to my Mom’s house and I could tell Anthony was nervous. My Moma never met anyone that I was with except one person. My Moma can be very passive and sarcastic, but she was cool. She cooked Mac & Cheese, Collard Greens, BBQ Chicken, Potatoe Salad and Corn Bread for us. We ate that up!! We sat on the couch and talked and laugh about old school music. We went through her cassette tapes and records. After that we went to my cousins house. Yes, it was a family affair. My first cousins Erica and Amanda, my god daughter Victoria, and high school girlfriend Nikki chilled at Erica’s and watched The Beyonce Documentary. We had so much seafood that night along with shots of Patron. I felt very happy and sad that night. I don’t know if y’all remember back when I told yall that My father and I really don’t get along. The last time we spoke was in December. It felt weird being in South Carolina and not being able to go to the home that I’m used to going to, but on the flipside I felt the love and respect from others in my family. I was Me.. just Kendrell.. No Celebrity Stylist, they don’t care , they cared about the real stuff and that made me feel special. So we Sunday morning at 6:30 am to go back to Virgina, then to NYC cause  K.Michelle’s show was on Tuesday. Poor Anthony drove all the way back, since I needed to be on the phone to call designers, follow up with my assistant Marcelle, send emails and set up appointments all day on Monday for K.Michelle and Lauriana Mae’s music video. We finally got home at midnight. I want to Thank my best friend Summit for watching our dog Rocco while we were away. If anyone knows me personally, then you know Rocco is BAADDD!! I went straight to sleep! It was cold as shit in NYC! I woke up to a text from the record label saying Lauriana’s video is going to be rescheduled. So this gave me time to dedicate to K.Michelle and not be rushed. So I did my appointments on Monday, but one designer stood me up and she’s lucky I’m not going to mention her name. Had us waiting for an hour, but we got the job done! Alright.. I’m off to get a line up now. I’m going to see this show Anthony’s in today and we are going to see a concert tonight. Old School concert.. Charlie Wilson.. LOL Don’t laugh.. I want to get married to his song “YOU ARE” .. OK Love you.. Kendrell        This was the look I did for K.Michelle below!! All in ONE DAY!!



Glam Couture Magazine Interviews Kendrell Bowman


Wassup Yall.. I promise you this weekend we are going to catch up on EVERYTHING! I just wanted to share with you this interview that I did with Glam Couture Magazine. I was just on the computer and I saw a google alert with my name and It  was this interview that I did a few months ago. Hope Yall having a good day! It’s Friday!! Check out the interview here –>   K.Michelle had 2 sold out shows this week. One in NYC and in D.C. Also Here a pic of me and K.Michelle after the show Tuesday night wearing our Raunchy Shirts. Lauriana Mae is in the studio with Pharell!! DOPE.. The Music Video that I did with Cee-Lo Green and Lauriana Mae for ONLY YOU Should Be out on TV Everywhere in the next 2 weeks!! Alright I Love You.. Kendrell



Don’ t Kill Me!


Wassup Yall.. I’m sorry. I’ve been super busy. Between work, traveling and family issues I don’t even know what day it is. When I get a moment to just breathe I’ll update you with everything in detail like I always do. Here’s a photo of the look that I did for K.Michelle last night at B. B. Kings in NYC. It was sold out!! My inspiration was 1990’s Mary J.Blige.  Love You..




It’s My Birthday!!

Wassup Yall…

Today Is My Birthday!! That’s all I wanted to say!! Look at me when I was born.. I was 2 months premature and I weighed 2 pounds!!  The picture below is me with all those tubes in me! . I was a miracle baby!  Now I’ve grown up into a healthy man! LOL  I show yall everything!! Make sure you comment below,  follow me on Instagram at IAMKENDRELL and on Twitter! Have a great day! I’ll keep yall posted on what surprises happen today!



Love You,






New Cee Lo Green & Lauriana Mae.. and Kendrell!


Good Morning Fashionistas!!

How’s everything? Happy Thursday to you! Today I have some running around to do. I started my day by calling my friend on the phone and gossiping about everything on the blogs! LOL I just wanted to reach out to you today and say hello. Last night Anthony and I went to the gym after we finished work. So to continue my workout plan I will be going again today, then Anthony and I will go get manicures and pedicures. I have a meeting at 4pm with a a new artist on Sony Music. They reached out to me and interested in ME styling on this project.  I’m bringing my assistant Marcelle with me to the meeting. I want him to see the other side of styling cause it’s just not about being creative and coming up with looks. You must be knowledgeable about contracts, finances and business period! A lot of aspiring stylists forget about this part of the job and honestly this is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the job to me. I’m excited that Cee Lo Green and Lauriana Mae song “ONLY YOU” is getting amazing reviews! The song is available to buy on I-Tunes on February 5th!  The music video will be out everywhere on the week of Valentine’s Day! See below a audio/video that the record label released which includes photos from the video set for the song. Also here’s a picture of us at the gym last night!




I’m so Thankful


Wassup.. How’s everything going? I hope all is well. I just got back to NYC. I went to Washington, D.C. on Saturday to do our Fabulous Sylvester show at the Howard Theater. The preparation for this show took a lot of work. Even though we’ve done the show here in NYC a couple of times, but the venue in D.C. was 5 times larger. So, we added some new parts to the show for D.C. The show was sold out! We couldn’t believe it. So many important people was there! CEO of BET Debra Lee, CEO of TVONE and Radio ONE Cathy Hughes and of course the magnificent Reggie Van Lee. He’s been so kind to us from the beginning.  We felt so blessed and grateful that so many people supported us and believed in our project. I told yall that this show came about after Anthony having a vision of doing this and he approached some producers to help him and they said No. So he told me and I was like look WE can do this on our own! After selling out 2 shows in NYC, now in D.C. it’s kind of overwhelming. Anthony and I balance each other out cause I’m more direct and business savy and he’s the same but not as aggressive. Most people only get to see the final product, but this is a lot of hard work. With both of our careers,  in the past 2 months collectively we’ve had a lot going on outside of Sylvester in our own careers. So much that it really caused a strain on our relationship to find balance. I work so much and I have my events.. He works so much he has his events.. and sometimes the schedules conflict. What I’m thankful for is that we love what we do and working together and accomplishing things together make us find the Love back. If you know me .. I’m very impatient and I like to get and see results on everything QUICK! Anywho.. This month has been amazing. So Thankful to GOD! I’m happy that I was able to do achieve my goals with the one I love and MAKE MONEY doing it, but as we are growing as businessmen it allowed us to hire our creative professional friends apart of our team.  Even though I’m a stylist, creative director etc I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to contracts and etc! I’m living my dream and it makes me feel good to help someone else grow too.  Meghan does the makeup in the Sylvester Show. My assistant Marcelle came and my best friend Summit came and helped with selling the merchandise. We brought down the whole cast and band to D.C. which was 15 people for 3 days. They enjoyed the experience.

Now, I just got back like an hour ago and I have to prep for one of my clients. She has an event of Feb 2. Then, I just received some amazing news. Remember when I went to LA at the beginning of this month?!? Well I shot a music video for CeeLo Green and Lauriana Mae for the song “Only You”! CeeLo just tweeted the artwork for the single. This is going to be the first single of his new album which features my client Lauriana Mae. This is going to be her introduction to the world. I’m so excited for the world to get to know Lauriana Mae. I’ve been working with her for over a year now. She was on P.Diddy’s show Starmaker that he had a few years ago. Her voice reminds me of a Amy Winehouse, Adele, Chrisette Michele mixture. Please support her cause she’s really talented!! I’ll let you know when the video comes out.. supposed to be around Valentine’s Day! Oh, Last thing.. My Birthday is coming up.. FEBRUARY 6!! wink wink  Check out some pics from the D.C. Show and The artwork for Ceelo and Lauriana single!

Remember to Never Give Up on your dreams.. when people tell you NO.. Just smile and Say to yourself.. what you don’t see in me someone else will and it’s your lost YOU PORCH MONKEY!

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