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“I Am Kendrell: Stylist to the Stars”

by Dyandra Brown
December 20, 2010
As a fellow image consultant, I am excited to introduce Kendrell, a seasoned stylist to the stars. Many people call themselves stylist these days, however few have the talent and clients to prove it. Kendrell is the definition of a true stylist, a pure tastemaker. We have the inside scoop below.

The Tastemaker
Fashion has always been a major force in Kendrell’s life. Embracing his passion, Kendrell attended The American Musical and Dramatic Academy school in New York City. Upon graduation he went on to model for IKON. He combined his knowledge of styling and buying into a lucrative career with luxury lines such as Louis Vuittion and Balenciaga. After years of hard work and dedication, it was time to step out on his own, creating his company “I Am Kendrell.”

The Works
Kendrell’s unique style can been seen through all of his clients. Naturally people are made up of more than one characteristic, therefore why shouldn’t there style be? Is over the top yet classy, urban yet chic and trendy yet classic. Anyone who can infuse such opposites is well worth noting.

The Interview
The 949: What sparked your interest in the styling and image consulting fields?
Kendrell: I was interested in fashion ever since I was a child. My favorite part of school was going clothes shopping! I was always aiming to be the best dressed. During my high school years I would take polaroid’s of myself everyday in order to avoid repeating an outfit. During the progression of my career I moved to New York and worked for both Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. I thought what would I do after this? That is when I started my own brand.

The 949: What was your start up process like? What obstacles did you face?
Kendrell: Like most stylists I started in retail, however it was hard for me to balance them both. It come to a point where I was managing Balenciaga and styling celebrities at the same time. I rarely had a day off or had a chance to see my friends and family. It is a lot of groundwork to lay and people don’t understand how hard it is to complete a project. People didn’t quite understand how I was going to do both. I was constantly asked, “when do you sleep?”

The 949: What type of demographic do you cater to?
Kendrell: Right now my demographic is music artists. However, that is not only what I cater to. My background is in high fashion. I work to infuse high fashion with an urban feel, creating a unique look. I like to take a piece of everything and make it my own.

The 949: Who was your break out client and why?
Kendrell: People first started noticing me after I styled Kanye West. It was K Michelle who kept my name on the tip of tongues.

The 949: What is your niche differentiating you from other stylists?
Kendrell: Shoes, yes my niche is shoes. My clients will always have the hottest shoes on before they debut. This is when people start to see more of my versatility.

The 949: What key trials have you faced during this creative journey?
Kendrell: Like many stylists I have dealt with trying to please management, the record label and the artist themselves. Doing all of this while on a small budget is a trial that we face on a regular basis.

The 949: What have been some of your biggest accomplishments?
Kendrell: I am very proud of what I did yesterday. Yesterday I styled David Banner and Ludacris, 9th Wonder “Be With You”. The entire video is all 1970’s era inspired. That was my first time doing era and I normally don’t shop in vintage stores. Upon arriving to Atlanta I wasn’t informed of the era of the video. David Banner is a big guy and the 1970′s look revolved around fitted clothing on the tall and skinny. I had to go to every vintage store in Atlanta and create looks for him and 9th wonder in a mere five hours. Im confident that the video turned out great. Think, a masculine dude in plaid and gold vest and chains. It was very Soul Train in the 70’s. This was a great challenge.

The 949: Any words of wisdom for aspiring stylist?
Kendrell: I say the same thing every time, don’t give up and hard work pays off. I am an extreme workaholic. I believe if you invest time into your craft and remain dedicated, anything is possible. Don’t ever get too big in your head, stay humble and keep God first. You never know what will happen therefore you should always treat people with respect.